Synevyr Lake

Synevyr Lake is one of the biggest lakes in the Carpathians with an area of ~5 ha. It is 8 to 24m deep and is situated at 898m above the sea level. According to geological data, the lake was created around 10 000 years ago, in the Post-Ice Age period.

The water temperature here is a constant +11C. The lake is surrounded by mountains, softwood and beech forest, and is full of clear mountain air. Add to this the calm blue water surface – and it can truly be called the Pearl of the Carpathians. There is also a legend about the creation of the lake. Local historians will definitely tell you the beautiful legend about the blue-eyed maiden Syn and the young man in love Vyr.

In 1989 Synevyr received the status of a National park. However, to truly grasp the splendor, depth, the beauty of this place, you should pay a visit and see it for yourself.

It would only take you about an hour to drive from “Solnce Karpat”.