Carpathian Cottage Resort

Welcome to the “Solnce Karpat” Cottage Resort!

Captivating Carpathian mountains, thick green forests, murmuring streams, singing birds – this is what the Transcarpathian resort is about. Amidst this vivid beauty are the comfortable wooden cottages of “Solnce Karpat”. When the sun rises over the Carpathian mountains and the little sunbeams touch the wooden roofs and walls, when the wood reflects warm amber light, with green mountains and blue sky in the background, – it is then that it hits you: this small wooden house just might be the very Sun of the Carpathians. It is truly a haven, providing escape from the everyday routine, a chance to immerse yourself in the beauty and unmatched grandeur that is the Transcarpathian region.

Take a tour in the Transcarpathian region to see the jewels of its national heritage: the Carpathian castles, the Synevyr mountain lake, the Daffodils' Valley, the Shypot waterfall, the thermal springs, the vats (where you take a bath in a vat on an open fire, and then proceed to a mountain river), local wine sampling and the farms (which breeds ostriches, wild boars, deer and trout.