Solnce Karpat” is nestled in the picturesque valley of the Svalyava basin, 350m above the sea. It is situated west of Polyana village, close to the chairlift, in the resort area full of mineral springs. It is a one-storey wooden cottage with an area of 100 sq.m., with a comfortable soothing atmosphere, perfect for recreation. The cottage houses 2-6 people. The windows look out on the picturesque green forest and mountains.
Wooden lining adorns the interior in warm colours, following the traditional country style. The cottage is provided with 2 bedrooms and a kitchen, a shower room and a fireplace room, fit with a LED TV set, wardrobes, a hair dryer, a washing machine and an ironing board with an iron. It also has a cozy backyard where you can use the barbecue stand, a small lawn and a parking place for a car.

PROS of a wooden cottage:
A wooden house lets in more oxygen, thus making it easier to sleep and breathe inside the cottage. In winter, wood accumulates heat, equally spreading it throughout the building, and in summer the wooden cottage shares its pleasant coolness with you. Wooden cottages also have a natural climate control: when the humidiy rises, wood absorbs it, and vice versa, thus keeping the humidity and temperature perfect for human body. Another pro factor is that the smell of wood as well as the intricate patterns of its surface affect our mental health positively.

Nutrition: Guests can either prepare their food themselves at the fully equipped kitchen with a dining area, which has a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a kettle; or you can visit the restaurant 100m away from the cottage, which serves wonderful dishes at reasonable prices.  All the other restaurants, cafes, bars and sanitoriums with diet cooking are situated 750m away from the cottages.
Recreation in the Transcarpathian region: things to do.
At the end of an active recreation day, we suggest you relax in a multi-mode (humid/dry sauna bath) sauna with aromatic oils and an oak whisk, followed by jumping into a refreshing basin. To truly acknowledge the beauty that is the Transcarpathian region, we offer a variety of different excursions to its historical and natural spots. You can also visit the mountain lake of Synevyr, the Daffodils' Valley, the Shypot waterfall, the thermal springs and the vats, taste-try the local wine and dishes, and so on.

The Carpathians are famous for their winter recreation possibilities too: skiing, sledging, skating, snowmobile riding... There is a T-bar lift close (2km) to the cottage. It is called “Medvezhyi” and it is 700m long. The slope is smooth. There are also several other ski pistes in the radius of 5km.

350km away from “Solnce Karpat”, there is the curative mineral well of “Polyana Kvasova” and the gastroenterological sanitorium“Solnechnoye Zakarpatye”. Mineral water helps with treatment of GIT, liver and bile passage problems, diabetes, etc.

The grandeur of the Carpathian mountains, their green forests, mountain rivers, crystal clear air and their history will make an unforgettable impression on you if you stop at “Solnce Karpat”. The warmth and comfort of the Transcarpathian region are waiting for you!