The Thermal Waters of Kosino

The term “thermal waters” comes from Thérme, the Greek word for heat and warmth. These waters are curative, rich with minerals and biologically active components, with temperature above 20C. Back in the ancient times, Romans used to build bath houses and their famous Roman baths on the thermal springs' area. Archeologists still find the remnants of Roman bath houses in places the legions must have passed. These include the resorts of Vichy, Karlovy Vary, Baden-Baden and several others.

The legend of how the hot springs were created is passed by word of mouth. They say that a long time ago, the Greek goddess Hercyna was traveling around her lands, and became very thirsty. There was no water around, however, and the goddess was furious. She stomped her small foot in frustration, and a spring struck from under the ground. Thus the hot springs were created.

There are several known thermal springs in the Transcarpathian region. Their temperature varies from +30C to +80C. The majority of them is situated in the city of Beregovo and its region, due to its geographic position.

Scientists believe Beregovo to be an earthquake region. Research shows that as ground layers move, they create underground hot springs.

Beregovo is the warmest part of the Transcarpathian region. Fruits and vegetables ripe early here; wine production is also very popular with the locals.

The biggest thermal bath is close to the village of Kosino. Thermal basins are situated in a 200-year-old oak grove, close to the Hungarian border. The Austro-Hungarian building is made of white plaster and dark brown carved wood. The area has 5 curative thermal basins fit with jacuzzi, fountains, hydromassages as well as a kiddie basin, fresh water basin, aqua-park, a restaurant, a hookah lounge, BBQ area and many more.

Water in t he basins is provided by the 16T well (1200m underground). The water temperature is +55C, however by the time it fills the basins it reaches +41C. The water's salinity makes 24%.

The spring's most notable property is, of course, its curative effect on human body. Thermal waters help with skin problems, locomotive and nervous system, etc., as well as provide general health treatment for different age groups. Curative hot spring water will restore your energy and rejuvenate your organism. Among the whispers of centuries-old trees, you feel refreshed and full of energy, and would no doubt like to visit again.

Kosino village is 75 km away from “Solnce Karpat”.


Note: “Solnce Karpat” is situated fairly close to all the sights of the Transcarpathian region, and tourists often stay at our cottages. PROS: 1) easy transportation; 2) situated in the resort area with mineral springs;