The Lumshory Vats

Bathing in a vat gives you the most intense emotions of excitement and delight. The vats are situated 45km away from us. An enormous vat is filled with sulfurated water, then they make a bonfire under it. After that you half-lie inside with the water reaching up to your neck. The vat is gradually heated while you are seated on the boulders on its bottom, and then comes the best part: calm meditating, surrounded by the green mountains, the river murmuring and the birds singing. Imagine bathing at nighttime too, with the stars slowly lighting up above your head, and the steam above the vat rising, and the only sounds you can hear are the river and the fire cracking underneath. All this sets for a romantic atmosphere.

As soon as you have warmed up enough, you can take a dive into the mountain river. It is preferable to repeat the process three times. Vat bathing is very healthy and has positive effects on human body.