Mineral water of Transcarpathia

Mineral waters are one of the main natural factors of the Transcarpathian region. The “Polyana Kvasova” water is considered to be among the best in Europe. The springs are located deep inside the Carpathian mountain group. The earliest mentions date back to the 18th century. In 1840 mineral water is exported to Europe. It received appraisal and awards in different international exhibitions in Budapest, Vienne, Paris. Quality-wise, it is similar to “Borjomi”. It has curative properties and could be used to treat gastrointestinal, liver, gall diseases and dibetes, etc. The “Polyana Kvasova” water is used in the “Solnechnoie Zakarpatye” sanitorium, which is situated 350m away from “Solnce Karpat”.

Entrance is free of charge.

Before starting mineral water treatment, please consult our gastroenterologist.

The sanitorium offers a range of general care treatments: mineral baths, massage, Charcot's douche, underwater massage-shower, mineral intestine ablution, etc.