Fishing in Voevodyno

Fishing in the Transcarpathians is a perfect example of outdoor recreation: calm and quiet, all on your own with only your thoughts to keep you company. The most popular fishing in the region is trout fishing at the trout farms. Trout is listed in the Red Data Book, thus making it illegal to fish for it in the Transcarpathian rivers. It is present in small numbers in almost all the rivers of the region. Trout needs specific environment conditions for it to live and breed successfully. These include river drops, barriers, holes and hides.
The Voevodyno resort, which has 5 trout farms, would be the perfect place to boost your adrenaline and your mood. You are given the opportunity to cook and try the fish you've just caught. And while it cooks you are free to take a walk in the Schönborn park and enjoy the local scenery.